Mamoru Hosoda’s New Film Announced!

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February 17, 2021

Studio Chizu Unveils 30-Second Teaser for Upcoming Mamoru Hosoda Film, “BELLE”

Studio Chizu Reveals More Details on the Highly Anticipated Feature Film Coming to Theaters in Japan in Summer 2021!

Feature films


This world is full of the future.
The film portrays huge themes of family history, the great passage of time, and the cycle of life.

The Boy and the Beast

I can be strong with you.
The story of many parents celebrating the growth of their children.

Wolf Children

I fell in love with a "wolf man."
An emotional story of a mother and two "wolf children" spanning 13 years.

Summer Wars

This is a new war.
A summer action family film with dynamic battles and sensitive human drama.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

There's a future that can't wait.
A story of a girl with the ability to time leap discovers the meaning of the "Irreplaceable time".


Studio Chizu

Studio Chizu is Director Mamoru Hosoda’s headquarters that was established during the production of Wolf Children. Director Hosoda gave the studio its name, Chizu (“map” in Japanese).

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