April 1, 2021

Studio Chizu Reveals New Trailer for “BELLE” and Announces International Roster


Studio Chizu reveals a new 70-second trailer for “BELLE,” which is scheduled to release this July in theaters in Japan. The new trailer features for the first time Belle’s powerful yet vulnerable musical composition.

Having lost her mother at a young age, Suzu was unable to overcome this grave mental wound, rendering her unable to sing in the real world. Nevertheless, in “U” she unleashes the pent up emotions within herself as the virtual songstress Belle, creating hit after hit that tops the charts inside the virtual world. This song represents a key moment in Belle’s character.

Belle’s desires are carried through the lyrics, as she wishes to see what kind of world lies beyond the small melody she has composed.


Mamoru Hosoda collaborates with several international artists in his latest film!

Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Jin Kim, known for projects such as “Frozen,” “Tangled,” “Big Hero 6,” and “Moana,” designed the virtual songstress Belle. Mamoru Hosoda and Jin have long respected each other’s work but met for the first time when “MIRAI” was nominated for an Oscar in Los Angeles. There, they promised to one day work on something creatively together and finally realized that goal with “BELLE.”

Concept artwork for protagonist Belle by Jin Kim

Likewise, the concept illustration of the massive online world of “U” was created by London-based up-and-coming architect/designer, Eric Wong. Hosoda personally found and commissioned Eric to come up with this universal and international “internet space” from both an architectural and design perspective. The results are absolutely stunning.

Finally, Studio Chizu has teamed up with Irish Animation Studio, Cartoon Saloon, known for works such as “Wolfwalkers,” “Song of the Sea,” and “The Secret of Kells” among others. Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart will bring their talents to the table along with Mamoru Hosoda to create a never-before-seen world in “BELLE.”

We hope to chart a new “Map (Chizu in Japanese)” with this amazing pool of talent.